Early Dismissal

Early Dismissal Procedure

Early dismissal is discouraged because it results in the student missing important instruction and creates a disruption in the class as the student leaves. If a student must leave school early to be taken to a doctor, dentist or for some other reason must leave school, a note from home explaining the reason and time of dismissal should be sent to the teacher. This will give the teacher time to make any early assignments or give any work that needs to be finished before the student leaves. No early dismissals will be made after 1:30.

A parent must come into the office area, sign the student out, and document the reason for early dismissal. The student will be called to the office and the person picking up the child will be asked to sign a dismissal form. We do not personally know all the parents, grandparents or others who may pick your child up early. For this reason, you may be required to show school personnel your driver's license or some other identification before you are allowed to pick up a student. We will not dismiss a child with an unauthorized person. In order that we may follow the custodial parent or guardian's instructions, he or she must present a legal custody document to the school office stating that a person is not legally allowed to see or to get the child out of school. In these situations, parents are asked to also tell the child's teacher any special dismissal instructions.