Other Policies


Use of school telephone by students is limited to emergency calls only. Arrangements for after-school activities should be made before children leave home in the morning.No long distance calls may be made without permission of the administration.


Kindergarten and first grades will use the standard checklist

The following grading scale is used for Grades three through five:

A = 90 - 100

B = 80 - 89

C = 70 - 79

D = 60 - 69

F = 59 - 0


Sling shots, bats, hard balls, skateboards, etc., are not permitted at school because they are a hazard to the safety of others. These items will be taken and will be returned to parents upon request. Weapons of any type are not permitted on school property. Any type weapon or facsimile brought to school by a student could result in expulsion. Items such as knives, fireworks, chains or objects that can be used to inflict bodily injury will besent to the district office. 

Any electronic paging device or cellular phone brought to school by a student will be sent to the district office and becomes the property of the school district. Questions concerning this should be directed to the Director of Student Services.

School is designed as a place to learn. Toys, games, dolls, radios, tape recorders, and cameras should be brought only when the teacher has sent home a note of permission. (Exceptions may be made for show-and-tell,when permitted.) The distraction these items cause can interfere with learning. Theft of such items is also a possibility. Items of this type will be taken and returned only to the parents.


Electronic surveillance equipment may be used at McKissick Elementary School when specific behavior problems arise. Buses are equipped with bus cams to monitor student behavior to and from school.