Supply Lists



All students will need an inexpensive set of earbuds.



Change of clothes to leave at school

Normal seized book bag (no wheels)

1 pack Crayola crayons

1 pack colored pencils

1 pack Crayola markers

Wish list

Clorox Wipes



1 pair of FISKARS scissors

24 pencils

1 (24 ct.) Box Crayons

20-24 glue sticks

1 pack expo markers

1 pack of copy paper

2 boxes of Kleenex

Ziploc bags – Boys –Gallon Size

                    Girls—Sandwich Size

Big Pink erasers

1 bottle of GermX (hand sanitizer)

2 containers of Clorox Wipes


No need to label anything, Everything will be used as a class. Thank you!



1 ream copy paper

2 spiral single subject notebooks

2 24 ct. box of crayons

1 box Gallon Ziploc Bags (BOYS)

1 box Sandwich Ziploc Bags (GIRLS)

1 Pencil Box (Hard plastic)

10 Glue Sticks

1 box (12) Yellow pencils

Pink Block Erasers (1 pack)

2 boxes Kleenex

1 bottle hand sanitizer

1 container of Clorox wipes

2 Expo Markers




2 packs white copy paper

1  Four in One ink pen (with red, blue, green and black ink)

4 pks YELLOW #2 pencils (10 pk+)

4 Elmer's glue sticks

1 box Crayons (24 ct box only)

2 Dry Erase board markers

1 pack colored pencils

2 boxes  Kleenex (120 Ct)

1 bottle hand sanitizer (8 oz+)

1 box Ziploc Bags (quart size)

1 zippered pencil pouch

 (NOT Pencil Box)


1 box Ziploc bags – 1 gallon size

1 container of Lysol wipes


1 box Ziploc –snack size

1 box Ziploc- 2 gallon or larger


No need to label.  We use community supplies.  Only label your child's pencil pouch.

 2nd grade requests: NO rolling backpacks, 3 ring binders/notebooks, fancy style pencils or pencil boxes



4 Packs loose leaf notebook paper (wide ruled)

48 Plain Yellow #2 Pencils (we recommend Ticonderoga)

5 Marbled Composition Notebooks

1 pair Scissors

4 glue sticks

Boys: Gallon Ziploc Bags

Girls: Quart Ziploc Bags

Hand Sanitizer (8oz+)

Clorox Wipes

Zippered Pencil Pouch (NOT pencil box)

6 Block Erasers

1 package Cap erasers

2 boxes crayons (Crayola only)

2 personal pencils sharpeners (enclosed compartment for shavings)

2 boxes of Kleenex (120ct)

 Wish List: colored copy paper




1 ½ in. 3 ring binder

2 packs wide-ruled notebook paper

24 Plain #2 Pencils(No Mechanical

2 packs 24 count crayons


1 pack cap erasers

2 boxes Kleenex

1 zippered pencil pouch (3-hole)

3 marbled composition notebooks

1 pair scissors

6 pack glue sticks

2 personal pencils sharpeners (enclosed compartment for shavings)

1 bottle Hand Sanitizer




1 pencil  pouch (3 hole)

1 pack colored pencils

1 pack 24 count crayons

2 packs of #2 Pencils

2 packs of block erasers

3 packs notebook paper (WIDE)

5 marble Composition notebooks

1 box Kleenex

1 small pack of Dry Erase markers

1 pair scissors

1 ream of white copy paper

1 pack highlighters – any color

1 bottle hand sanitizer

Sticky Notes-any color except yellow

1 pack 3x5 notecards

10 glue sticks

1 – 3pack scotch tape refill pack for dispenser




Change of clothes to leave at school

2 large Boxes Kleenex

2 Block erasers

4 Elmer's Glue sticks

1 Pack Expo Dry Erase Markers

1 Elmer's glue bottles

3 containers of Clorox wipes

1 backpack- NO rolling bags

1 bottle hand sanitizer 

2 pkgs of Sticky Notes(any color/size)

1 pack Notecards – 3x5 or larger

2 reams of copy paper

1 plastic pencil box (8 inches long X 5 inches wide X 2 inches high)

1 box quart size ziplock storage bags